The Dr. Vibe Show

Belinda Barrocks is the owner & CEO of Kamshuka Photography. She is an award winning international photographer and artist who has taken her to Dubai, the Island of Bahrain, the Bahamas and recently to South Africa for 14 amazing days. Belinda continues to express her thoughts and interpret her heart through her creative Images. Making her mark in Toronto, Ontario, she recently appeared in Sway Magazine. She has been recognzied as one of 12 Phenomenal Women changing our world in the Spring Issue of the Planet Africa Magazine. On December 4th 2010, Belinda received the The Aroni Award was given to Belinda for her commitment to youth and entrepreneurship. Belinda shares some of her story with us from being born in Uganda to growing up in India and some of the challenges that she had to overcome along the way. She also provides some image tips for Black Canadian men. Belinda gives us the details on a ; image building workshop that she is conducting on Saturday, March 19, 2011 from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at a soon to be announced location in Mississauga, Ontario. The workshop sessions include (Cost $60.00): 1. "DOING YOU" - BEING YOURSELF, SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE 2. "WHOLENESS" - EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, HEALTH & WELLNESS 3. "FABULOUSLY FLATTERED" - ENHANCING YOUR OWN BEAUTY - WORKSHOP ON HAIR, MAKEUP & STYLING 4. "WORLD CHANGER" - CHANGING OUR WORLD, NOW THAT YOU - KNOW WHO YOU ARE. USING YOUR IMAGE YOUR BRAND & YOUR INTELLIGENCE TO BE THE CHANGE We will provide the exact location of the workshop as soon as Belinda provides it to us. Feel free to email us at If you live in North America, you can leave us a voice mail at 1-866-280-9385 (toll free). God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith, Vibe and Vegas info@blackcanadianman.com Twitter: