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Meme Kelly has a B.A. from UCLA and a MFA in playwriting from The University of California, Riverside.

She’s a producer and author of four plays and the author of three self-published books and two eBooks, which have been sold nationally at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. She was a Distinquished Dean’s Fellow for a MFA in Creative Writing and Creative Writing for Performing Arts and a Gluck Foundation Fellow at The University of California, Riverside. As a Gluck Fellow, Meme introduced over 200 elementary school children to theater arts. She’s also passionate about serving homeless women and young adults with disabilities and has served in a non-profit for many years.

She is a contributor for Huffpost and writes about anything that tugs at her heart. She recently completed her first short film, Out of Bounds, and it’s receiving rave reviews. Out of Bounds received sponsorship awards from The University of California Graduate Division, from The Film and Theater Arts Department, and from The School of Interdisciplinary Studies. The short was inspired by a TV pilot script with the same name that was selected as a top 10 semi-finalist out of 175 scripts in UCLA Film School’s Samuel Goldwyn contest. The University of California, Riverside also recommended it for a Humanitas Prize, .

She is the mother of three wonderful sons and her oldest, who has been a miracle in her life, is autistic; She’s been married to her UCLA college sweetheart for a very long time. She resides in Southern California.

Ms. Kelly was on our show talking about her article Dear Black People….

During our conversation, Ms. Kelly talked about:

– some of her background including some of the things that her parents, her grandparents and others taught her while she was growing up
– Who influenced her about the importance of education
– Some background on the books and plays she has written and how she has developed personally through the journey
– Why did she write the article and the response to it
– What she loves about some of the people in her life
– The reason why there is a lack of peace in the lives of many Blacks
– The fact that some Black people cannot accept that some people just don’t like Black people
– How integration has been good for Black America
– Some of her thoughts on the last American presidential election
– The importance of economics to the advancement of Blacks
– If she would she have written this article ten years ago
– Her hopes for the future
– Her “Dear White People”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Dear Older Black Americans”, “Dear Young Black America”

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Music industry veteran Paul Porter has released the book Blackout, an explosive look at the corruption running rampant in the music industry. Blackout details Porter’s experiences in the music industry, from his first stint in radio in 1976 – when the busing riots in Boston sent him scrambling into WRBB at Northeastern University – to his tenure at BET and some of the nation’s top-rated radio stations.

Blackout is a chronicle of my successes and failures, my dreams and disappointments in the music business,” Porter said. “It’s filled with the secrets the music industry desperately tries to keep, the stories no one tells. I wanted to expose the truth about the industry I love.”

Blackout takes readers on a ride through Porter’s whirlwind of media jobs, working for and with some of the music industry’s most colorful, well-known and scandalous players. It explores the insidious role of payola, an illegal practice that is firmly embedded in the music industry, deep in the grooves like tracks on a vinyl record. And it offers an inside account of how corporations killed Black radio and erased Black identity from mainstream Black music — and why Porter chose to fight back.

The book has already garnered the endorsement of major cultural figures, including Chuck D of Public Enemy, who called Porter a “guru and visionary” and said “Blackoutwill truly explain why things are the way they are.”

Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council, called Blackout a “compelling, personal story about how the music industry really operates” that “also offers an enlightening message of hope for the music industry and for its broader impact on our culture.”

Joy-Ann Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC, said “Blackout is essential reading for anyone who cares about the history and future of African-Americans in the multi-billion dollar music industry.”

Paul Porter has been a force in radio, music and television for four decades. His deep, seductive voice has resonated on the airwaves of many of the nation’s top-rated radio stations, and he spent 10 years at BET as Program Director, consultant and on-air talent. Porter’s expertise and activism have established him as a thought leader in the radio and music industry, and he is often sought out by major media outlets including CNNMSNBCSiriusXMEntertainment Tonight and FOX News to comment on music, culture and race. He is the Co-Founder of music industry nonprofit Industry Ears and music and culture website Rap Rehab and currently serves as Program Director at Orlando’s low-power FM station The Wire 98.5.

Blackout is available for purchase at here.

Mr. Porter was on our show talking about Blackout: My 40 Years In The Music Business.

During our conversation, Mr. Porter talked about:

– Why he believes everyone is important
– Memories of growing up in Queens, New York and his start in college radio
– When he knew that music would be his life and his first big break
– Some of his major obstacles and how he overcame them
– Why he feels his book has been successful
– Some of the problems with the radio industry today including payola
– How did his stint at BET happen and thoughts about BET today
– The effect of video on Black music
– The story behind the book and the response to it
– Some of his favorite artists
– How can the consumer change the music industry
– His advice for people who want to get into the industry

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The Wire 98.5
Rap Rehab
Industry Ears
Industry Ears – Facebook

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Bryan Crawford is a Chicago-based journalist who covers sports, politics and social justice issues for a variety of publications. His work has appeared in The Final Call newspaper, HOOP MagazineSLAM Magazine, XXL and Rolling Stone.

Mr. Crawford was on our show talking about his article, Black men, Black fathers – Accepting challenges, embracing responsibility.

During our conversation, Mr. Crawford talked about:

– Some of his background, where did his inspiration to write come from, some of his mentors and some of the books that have influenced him
– His first big break
– Why did he write the article
– The misconception about Black men that bothers him the most and the factors contributing to that perception
– What needs to be done to change the negative stereotype associated with Black fathers
– His thoughts of the portrayal of Black fathers in the media
– How and when did he learn about manhood
– What are Black men telling him about fatherhood
– Reaction to the article
– His calls to action for non-Blacks, Black women, Balck men and fathers

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The panelists for last Sunday’s show were: Rodney KellumDr. Lawrence A. Rasheed Galen D. Bingham.

The panelists discussed the following stories:

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Pro Wresting Is The Perfect Metaphor For Trump’s Presidency

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Want To Increase Graduation Rates? Hire More Underrepresented Faculty

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Living While Black (LWB) – My Personal Struggle With The Unending Terrorism Of Police Violence In America

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Earl Ofari Hutchinson – More Reasons Than Race In Why Cops Walk Free

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Why The Black Male Is More Complex Than You May Think

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YOWronto is an annual International musical extravaganza produced by FreshKut Productions Inc. Presented as a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, YOWronto is a tribute to Canada, boasting a diversity of activities.

This two day musical event takes place at the Woodbine Mall on Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2, 2017. Streamed live using the Peeks social commerce platform, YOWronto will be accessible by an international audience.

Vendors will showcase cultural arts & crafts along with a tasty variety of Caribbean foods and delicacies to savour.

Artists will entertain and music lovers both locally and internationally will earn LIFETIME rewards for supporting stakeholders.

YOWronto was founded with the primary goal of revolutionizing the way music & festivals are marketed. By combining a bricks & mortar event with live streaming and social rewards technology patrons, sponsors and exhibitors alike experience the thrill of a live event and the distribution power and convenience of the Internet.

Furthermore, to ensure that music lovers continue to support artists and sponsors that drive and support the festival, YOWronto integrates powerful social rewards technology.

Michie Mee is known within the music industry for her unique rap style of combining reggae and dancehall with hip-hop. Many successful artists have followed in Michie’s footsteps using this gifted technique. With over two decades in the entertainment industry, the Juno nominated rapper and actress is not only an inspiration for female musicians, but also all artists nationwide.

Michelle McCullock was born in St. Andrew, Kingston, Jamaica, later relocating to Toronto, Ontario at a young age. While in her mid teens, Michie began crafting her rap style, which quickly gained attention by both Canadian and American rap artists. Michie would also travel frequently from Toronto to New York City giving her more exposure amongst the hip-hop elite.

While performing in rap battles, Michie introduced a new formula by being able to switch back and forth between North American English and the Jamaican form of English known as Jamaican Creole or Patois. This daring move would ignite audiences and leave often Michie’s rap battle competitors stunned.

During a concert in Toronto, fate stepped in and Michie was introduced by Boogie Down Productions to perform on stage. This was a major accomplishment for a young Canadian MC to receive such recognition by a successful New York rap group. Michie would go on to team up with DJ L.A. Luv and form the duo, Michie Mee and L.A. Luv. By the late 1980s, Michie was featured in the Canadian hip-hop compilation Break’n Out, which was produced by B.D.P. members, KRS-ONE and the late Scott La Rock.

By the ending of the decade, Michie Mee would make history by signing with First Priority/Atlantic Records, making her the first Canadian rapper to sign with a major record label in the United States. Elements of Style was Michie’s first single with L.A. Luv. The single was successful in the U.S. and the duo also appeared on the compilation The First Priority Music Family: Basement Flavor on tracks Victory is Calling and On This Mic.

In 1991, Michie released her debut album, Jamaican Funk: Canadian Style, which infused reggae and dancehall elements within the rap album. The hit single, Jamaican Funk, received a Juno Award nomination in 1992.

Throughout her career, Michie has opened for many artists including Will SmithSalt n PepaHeavy D, and LL Cool J. She also had the pleasure of touring with Queen LatifahAudio Two and fellow Canadians, Maestro Fresh Wes and the Dream Warriors. Although she was a powerful force within the hip-hop culture, Michie’s musical talents did not stop there.

She went on tour with singer Sinead O’Conner and was a founding member of the metal band The Day After, formally called Raggadeath, once again showing her skills as a versatile musician.

In 2000, Michie released another album with Koch/E1 titled, The First Cut Is The Deepest, which would bring forth yet another hit single Don’t Want To Be Your Slave. The single featured Esthero and earned Michie another Juno nomination. That same year, while promoting her new album, Michie also toured hip-hop super group, Public Enemy.

Although Michie has a profound love for music, she has also showcased her talents outside of the music industry. As a member of ACTRA, she has acted in movies and television shows such as Short Circuit 2Night HeatLa Femme Nikita (CTV), Da Kink In My HairSoulfood, and has made a special appearance co-hosting TSN’s Off The Record. She was also co-host of Canada’s longest running rap radio show, The Powermove Show on CKLN Radio in Toronto.

Michie has starred in the groundbreaking hip-hop series Drop The Beat and appeared in the blockbuster In Too Deep starring LL Cool J and Omar EppsMy Baby’s Mama with Eddie Griffin and “Chicks With Sticks” featuring Jason Priestly. Michie’s vibrant nature in a work environment is frequently noted and she is often asked to host events, which she does on a regular basis.

Aside from her life as an entertainer, Michie is also a mother who makes it one of her duties to keep involved with today’s youth. Knowing first hand the twists and turns artists often face in entertainment, Michie is an avid supporter of children striving to achieve a good education. Michie herself left university after her music career began to soar and has always spoken openly about the importance of education.

Michie Mee has had an outstanding career in entertainment thus far. With her currently working on hot new music, acting roles and a feature in the 2011 CBC hip-hop documentary Love, Props and the T. Dot, this trailblazer’s saga still continues. Michie Mee’s reign as Queen is far from over.

Michie Mee spent some time with us on our show.

During our conversation she talked about:

– Some of her background including being one of the few Black women involved in the early days of Canadian hip-hop
– Why did she go into hip hop instead of reggae
– Where did she get her influence to get involved in music
– The moment she knew that hip hop would be her journey and the memory of a show in Jamaica
– What has her musical journey taught her
– Advance for women of color who want to get involved in music
– How has the music industry changed during her journey

You can connect with Michie Mee via:


Michie Mee is scheduled to appear at the YOWronto Music Festival on July 1, 2017 at 6 p.m. Eastern.

Some of the other artists scheduled to appear at the YOWronto Music Festival are: Alison Hinds, Eric Donaldson, Romain Virgo, Tessanne Chin, Professor Nuts, Lt. Stitchie, Baby Cham, Jay Harmony and Kim Davis. Iauwata, Captain Love, RaLion, Visionary, Ammoye Evans and N’ZYE.

You can find out more about YOWronto Music Festival via:

Phone: (416) 668-0945

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On the first episode of STUFF, Dr. Vibe and Jazz Keyes discuss “In Spite of Dashcam Video – Why do Police Who Kill Civilians Keep Walking Out of The Courtroom Free Men?”

STUFF are live online conversations hosted by Dr. Vibe (Canada) and Jazz Keyes (United States) about current events and culture from a black woman’s and black man’s POV.

Jazz Keyes is a clinical psychologist, certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker. Recognized for her work as a community activist, Keyes has spent the last 10 years of her career focusing on empowering the lives of others. With an intense focus on women, people of color, and children, Keyes has been honored as a Neighborhood Hero by ComEd for her involvement in numerous community-based initiatives.

As a psychologist and life coach, Keyes supplies clients with the necessary tools and techniques to awaken their divine energy, heal their open wounds and create an aura of love, compassionate and tranquility.

For the last two years, Jazz Keyes has managed to grow her brand as a dating and relationship writer for two major media platforms, JET Magazine and Black and Married with Kids. Her first book, If We Knew Better: Soul Cries of Women Past and Present, is available here.

Keyes is preparing to begin her PHD program Fall 2017. She will be studying to receive her Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Couples Therapy. Keyes has devoted a great deal of her time and energy on mastering the art of communication to create healthy, dynamic, long-lasting relationships and to help others do the same.

Jazz Keyes is an aspiring bestselling author. Focusing on spirituality, emotional empowerment, and love, Keyes hopes to one day deliver soul healing messages as a television personality and international inspirational speaker.

On the first episode of STUFF, Dr. Vibe and Ms. Keyes talk about In Spite of Dashcam Video – Why do Police Who Kill Civilians Keep Walking Out of The Courtroom Free Men?.

During our conversations, they talked about:

– Why black men are seen as a threat
– Dash cams
– Some of the reasons why police are not convicted
– The juries in these trials
– How do black people feel calling the police
– What is this situation doing to Black women
– Calls to action

You can find more about Ms. Keyes via:


Remember to catch STUFF live here Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. Eastern/6:30 Pacific.

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The panelist for the last Sunday’s conversation was LeRon Barton.

Mr. Barton commented on the following stories:

The Dr. Vibe Show™: The Common Thread In The Castile And Cosby Cases

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Spread The News – It’s Juneteeth

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Black Leaders Should Not Walk Out On Trump

The Dr. Vibe Show™: LaVar Ball’s Master Class On Black Fatherhood And Agenda Building Is Legit!

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Racism, Murder And Black Pain, The 2017 Riot Season Is Here

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Dr. Candice Bledsoe is the director of the Action Research Center in Dallas, Texas. Her research explores the impact of race, gender, and class in higher education contexts. She has received numerous fellowships including: The National Endowment of the Humanities, the New Leadership Academy, National Center for Institutional Diversity, University of Michigan, and Boone Texas Project for Human Rights Education. Dr. Bledsoe is the recipient of the 2013 SMU Women’s Symposium Profiles of Community Leadership Award. She received her Doctorate in Education from The University of Southern California. Dr. Bledsoe also holds degrees from Southern Methodist University and Baylor University.

Dr. Bledsoe was on our show talking about her article Excellence Does Not Shield Black Students from Racism

During our conversation, Dr. Bledsoe talked about:

– Some of her background and how the important role her grandparents and her parents played in raising her
– Where did her passion for social justice come from
– The background behind the article
– The importance of parents speaking to their children on the importance of being human
– Does she feel that education is the economic equalizer for Blacks
– Some information on the Cutting Edge Youth Summit
– Her calls to action to Americans

You can contact Dr. Bledsoe via:

Cutting Edge Youth Summit

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Dr. James Thomas Jones III is an award-winning and celebrated History Professor who is an expert in Race Studies, Manhood Studies, and Cultural Diversity. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr. Jones has earned the following degrees:

African-American and African Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
African-American and African Studies (Master of Arts)
History (Master of Arts)
History (Doctorate of Philosophy)

Dr. Jones has facilitated educational workshops and symposiums in the areas listed below.

Cultural Diversity
Racial Reconciliation
Paving a Path to Success for African-American children
The Value of Diversity in both the corporate and educational arena
Race Matters

Dr. Jones is a motivational speaker whose message has been celebrated by a multi-racial/ethnic audience. The creator of the website Manhood, Race, and Culture, Dr. Jones’ philosophy is, “by illuminating your path to success, you are simultaneously honoring those that came before you and aiding those who are currently traveling with you and assisting that are yet to come.”


During our conversation, Dr. Jones III talked about:

– Some of his background including growing up in a steel town in the state of Ohio
– the positive influences that his parents and the community had in his life when he was growing up
– How he ended up going to The Ohio State University after being away from school for two and a half years
– the story behind the Manhood, Race, and Culture and the article
– The response to the article from African American men and women
– Why he feels “The conflict over love and matrimony is Black America’s latest internal civil war.” and why does he feel this “civil war” exists
– The effect that the media and Black fatherhood has on this subject
– If African American society should any responsibility for this situation
– How he feels that this situation is becoming more widespread
– The effects of this situation and why he feels Black America is heading for a split

You can contact Dr. Jones III via:


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This year, as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, would love to also celebrate Black Canadian fathers that provide the necessary emotional and financial support for their children daily.

The Father Project will showcase over 150 Black fathers from across Greater Toronto and highlight their perspective on being a dad in this modern day society.

In the profiles, each father will reflect on their relationship with their own father and how that has affected their relationship with their children.

The men selected will be drawn from various walks of life showing the diversity in ethnic background, marital status, sexuality, religious beliefs and socioeconomic standing within Canada. The Father Project want to demonstrate and celebrate inclusivity in parenting.

Two of the participants of The Father Project, Mello Ayo of The Lions Circle and RogerDundas of shared about some of their fatherhood journey.

During our conversation, they talked about:

– The story behind The Father Project
– Their reflections on how they were raised by their fathers
– How are they raising they children differently from the way their father raised them
– The biggest misconceptions and biggest concerns when it comes to black fatherhood
– Next steps for The Father Project




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