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What did you do this summer? One of things that I had the blessing and privilege of being part of group of mentors providing support to a group of summer students who started their own summer with the help of the Youth Employment Services ( For the group's last meeting on August 30, 2011, I was asked to share a presentation with the students. So, I shared a presentation titled, "The Fifteen Attributes Of A Winner". Here is recording of the presentaion. I hope that you enjoy it!!! Congratulations to the students in the program on the success. I would like to wish the students continued success in the future. I would like to thank Donovan Dill and Richard Healey for allowing me to be part of the program and providing the opportunity for me to share. I would like to congratulate the mentors on an outstanding job!!

Before last Friday's presentation of the play "Church Girl" in Toronto, we had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the play's director, Reuben Yabuku. Reuben talks about how he became producer of the play talks about his background in theatre, the moment when did realized that directing would be his life, his most satisfying moment in his career and his message for Black men.

Darryl Frierson is the man behind From Ashy 2 Classy. From Ashy 2 Classy won in the "Best Cultural Blog" at this year's Black Weblog Awards. Darryl was born in and lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Iowa State University. He has one degree journalism and mass communications, another degree in history and a minor in English and in African American studies. During our conversation a wide range of subjects including Darryl talks about how his parents stressed education during his growing up, being a rebel in college where he pushed Black and social consciousness, where he love of reading came from, how he at a young age turned one of his biggest failures into one of his biggest victories, how his blog started, how he came up with the name From Ashy 2 Classy and what From Ashy 2 Classy is about, how he markets and the most popular topics at From Ashy 2 Classy, his experience at this year's Black Weblog Awards, why there are not more Black male bloggers, why Black men should get involved in the social media movement, the state of African American men, advice for those who want to start a blog, the future of From Ashy 2 Classy and his message to Black men.