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Steven Kiges (pron. Key-jez) is the co-founder and director of The Coach Training AcademyThe Coach Training Academy is a professional, International Coach Federation accredited coach training school. Graduates have gone on to both build very successful solo coaching practices as well as taking their coaching skills to corporate positions including Microsoft, Google, and NASA, just to name a few.

Steve is a is an experienced Master coach with over 5000 coaching hours and over 10,000 hours mentoring people that want to become exceptional coaches or as he puts it “artistic agents of change”. To the coaching world, he brings both his own past struggles of growing up in a very dysfunction home, depressed, suicidal and at one point topping the scales at over 410 pounds. Professionally his first career was as a professional musician having attended The Juilliard School, playing various orchestras and as a university lecturer. After leaving music he then went on to build one of the largest Dental Software companies in North America and after selling that, followed his life’s passion of helping others. Dedicating himself to his core philosophy that “no one breezes through life…we all have our unique struggles. With the right support and environment, everyone can live life with purpose and passion often exceeding what they think is possible for themselves. His life is a testament of that philosophy.

To coaching, and coach training Steven brings a full background in neurosciences including; crisis counseling, emotional intelligence, Time Line Specialist, Master of Communication and a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

During this episode of the Learn To Coach series, Steve talked about:

Practice Makes Perfect – A Coaches Perspective

During our conversation, Steve talked about:

– That coaches are explorers
– How coaches should not be advice givers
– The for coaches to practice perfectly
– Should coaches coach on subject that they are not an expert in?
– “It is throught the exploration of the issue is when the magic happens in coaching.”
– Types of practice
– Mentoring
– The importance for a coach to stay engaged with the community (Environment – Community – Facebook)

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