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From humble beginnings to a prosperous life. Rodney Kellum has discovered the power of Speaking Life into existence. In addition to accomplishing some major milestones such as playing Division I basketball, being internationally recognized by CNN for the book he Co-authored titled What Yo Nayme Iz: What Not To Name Your Child, and launching Speak Life Inspirational Speaking. Rodney has learned the extremely valuable lesson that his most important work is done at home as husband and father.

Life changed for Rodney when he was forced to choose between his then dream job, and his then very young first child Randall. Once Rodney chose Randall over his what he thought was his dream job his paradigm shifted, and Fatherhood became his inspiration for doing everything that he now does.

When you hear Rodney Kellum speak, you will learn the tools to go from Motivation to Inspiration, as well as the absolute power you have to create the life that you want beginning with carefully choosing and speaking life changing words.

Rodney Kellum is based out of the Atlanta area, and is available for booking of your special event.

Over the next few weeks, The Dr. Vibe Show™ will be hosting the Speak Life Series. During these conversations, Rodney will sharing about various subjects including fatherhood, faith, manhood and rejecting mediocrity and accepting greatness.

On this episode of the Speak Life Series, Rodney talked about Make Like A Ladder And Step Up.

During the conversation, Rodney talked about:

– How was his Father’s Day and some updates with him
– Being uncomfortable in order to become what you need to become
– How he stepped up in regards to losing weight
– Finding your inspiration in life and to achieve your goals
– How full time employees can value themselves as a business
– What are some of things preventing some men from stepping up

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