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Akley Olton is a creator of images from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who uses art to share the beauty and contradictions of the Caribbean. He is a young man dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema, trained in visual arts, graphic design and audiovisual production. Since 2011 he began to work as Director of Photography for Film Fiction, Documentary and Advertising. He studied Cinema (CINEMATOGRAPHY) at the International School of Cinema and TV EICTV, CUBA. He has worked on projects in St. Vincent and the Grenades, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, London, Canada and Ghana.

Recently, Mr. Olton was on our show today talking about his film BLACK DOLL which is being shown on the opening night at this year’s Caribbean Tales Film Festival.

During our conversation, Mr. Olton talked about:

– Some of his background including life growing up in St. Vincent and the Grenadenes
– Dealing with his mother who did want him to get into film making
– Some of his film making journey
– Cuba’s influence on his film making
– The story behind Black Doll and the influence his niece had on the film
– Why did choose now to start directing
– The challenge of finding a Black doll in St. Vincent
– The process of getting the film in this year’s festival
– tThe message he wants the audience to get from the film

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