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Robert Leung is a Certified Life Coach, with 20 years experience successfully coaching men through life’s challenges and transitions. He is the creator of Heart of Man Coaching. Robert’s work with over a thousand men, from all walks of life, has centered around helping men access, understand and master the power of their emotions, without compromising their masculinity. He believes this is the key to our evolutionary success as men. Robert has researched and created a number of seminars and exercises to help men discover the tremendous opportunities that access to their emotions can provide. Opportunities for better health, peace of mind, self-worth, healing, confidence, success and of course, love.

Recently, I hosted a conversation with Robert in which Lee Rosen, Program Lead – Men And Masculinity, gave a living eulogy to Robert.

Here is Robert’s background on The Eulogy for Life Exercise

The word eulogy means “praise”. It comes from the Greek eu meaning “good” and logos meaning “speech”.

What makes this exercise unique is that it’s a eulogy for the living designed to improve the depth and understanding of our relationships with the people in our lives that matter to us..

The idea is simple. Don’t wait till someone’s dead to tell them how you really feel. Wouldn’t you like to hear what people will say about you when you’re gone? When you put yourself in the mindset that the person you are writing about is no longer alive it makes us extremely present, aware and vulnerable. Most of us are rarely in that state of mind even with the people closest to us. The thought of them being gone makes us conscious of all that they mean to us. That can be uncomfortable because we don’t want to think about them being gone. But what a gift to be able to hear how much you are loved and appreciated while you’re still here to enjoy it!

Hearing your eulogy is perhaps the most intimate affirmation one can experience. It deeply enriches both the giver and the receiver in ways nothing else can and thereby enriches their relationship. What could be more rewarding?

Why should we wait for illness or death to tell the people we love how we really feel? We all think we have time but all to often that is not up to us.

Having delivered eulogies for some very close friends and heard them read mine I can tell you there is nothing like it! I felt loved, respected, honored and validated in a way I have never felt before. It helped me understand the impact I had on people and their lives. It gave me a sense of my legacy and some ideas about things I could still change or improve. It made me realize the depth of my caring for these people and their importance in my life on a whole other level. Something I sometimes take for granted.

It was very powerful. Tears were shed, but they were tears of joy. There was also great humor and laughter. It was a little uncomfortable but the shared love and intimacy was unforgettable and well worth it. This was done with a team of men I have known for over 20 years. I didn’t think we could get any closer. But boy was I wrong. Imagine what this could do for friends and families willing to up their intimacy.

I think we should write eulogies for everyone in our lives that we love just to really know how much they mean to us. And then I think we should read them to those people so that they can know how much they mean to us.

I am certain The Eulogy for Life Exercise will make everyone feel closer. It will be a profound experience that enhances your relationships with the people who matter to you, and with yourself.

During the conversation:

– Robert gives some of his background which includes being a creative director in the advertising industry for twenty-five years, doing men’s work for over thirty years and being a life coach for over ten years
– He shares his passion about where emotions fit in with men and where it might go
– His change from the world of advertising to life coaching
– Reflections on his early coaching days of men
– Some changes in manhood and masculinity over the last ten years including men having to become stronger in being vulnerable
– The story behind the living eulogy concept and the reaction of men when he first shared the concept with them
– We find out how Robert and Lee met
– Lee gives a living eulogy for Robert
– When should men do the living eulogy exercise?
– “Don’t wait to say the things that matter. There are no guarantees.” Robert Leung

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