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Adia Harvey Wingfield is Professor of Sociology at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on racial and gender inequality in professional occupations. Dr. Wingfield has lectured internationally on her research in this area, and her work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals including Social Problems, Gender & Society, and American Behavioral Scientist. She is currently serving as President of Sociologists for Women in Society, a national organization that encourages feminist research and social change, and is a regular contributor to Inside Higher Ed, The Atlantic, and other popular outlets. Professor Wingfield is the author of several books, most recently No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men’s Work, and is the recipient of the 2018 Public Understanding of Sociology award from the American Sociological Association.

Recently, Ms. Harvey Wingfield was on our show talking about her article When Black Men Are Harassed At Work.

During our conversation, Ms. Harvey Wingfield talked about:

– Some of her background and her educational background
– Why did she decide to research Black professional men and the workplace
– The story behind the article and the fact the many Black men face sexual harassment at the workplace
– The fact that for many black men working with white women, racial and gendered stereotypes about black masculinity are never far from the surface and the stress it has on many Black men
– Some reasons why some Black men feel that they don’t have great relationships in the workplace
– Who is more challenged in today’s workplace: Balck men or Black women?
– The response to this article
– The Black community response to Black men is being sexually harassed in the workplace
– What needs to be done to push this narrative forward
– Her advice for young Black men entering the workforce

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