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Aisha K. Staggers has been writing since middle school. She had her first major publication in her local newspaper’s entertainment section while a sophomore in high school, a publication in another state paper followed. Aisha has been contributing to various paper, magazines and textbooks for over 15 years.

In addition to her time as an instructor of social sciences in higher education, Aisha has served as a director of education and policy research centers, and on the staff of legislative commissions. Aisha previously served on the Executive Board of the CT Young Democrats Women’s Caucus and has remained active in politics and public policy. She is an alumni of Albertus Magnus College and Fisk University where she earned Bachelor’s in Communications and Master’s Degree in Psychology, respectively, and completed the Education Policy Fellowship Program in 2008.

Currently, Aisha is Senior Editor for BookTrib, a division of the literary public relations firm, Meryl Moss Media and a HuffPost contributor. In addition to her own work, Aisha has written liner notes for a Prince tribute album, I Wish U Heaven released December 25 and available on YouTube. In 2018, she will be contributing to scholarly work on Prince and the Minneapolis Sound and sitting on an NYU panel for a conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of his Lovesexy album.

While Aisha enjoys writing about music, she feels the most critical discussions we can have today are centered around race and intersectionality because “you can’t fix a problem you don’t acknowledge, and not acknowledging the plight of women of color and specifically Black women is a problem.”

Recently, Ms. Staggers was on our show talking about her two articles Why America Needs to Listen to Black Women and On Healing Black Girl Pain: My Conversation with Dr. Consuela Ward.

During our conversation, Ms. Staggers talked about:

– Growing up in New Haven, Connecticut and dealing with racism
– Some of the values that her parents instilled in her including her father’s musical influence on her
– Some of the great books that she read at a young age
– What caused her to find her voice
– Some of her early writing experiences including how she did not enjoy writing at the start
– The story behind the article
– How Black women have been left out of the media and political discussions
– The rise of Black women in politics
– The relationship between Black and White women in America today
– Why has America have not listened to Black women but are listening now
– As a Black women was is her message to: White male America, white female America, Black male America, the Republican party, Democratic party and Black women
– Her thoughts on America’s future

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YouTube – I Wish U Heaven – Prince Tribute Playlist

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