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Andray Domise is a contributing editor for Maclean’s, one of Canada’s national magazines. Andray is also a director at Konvo Media. As a storyteller, he has published essays on everything from policing and racial profiling, to the narrative structure of video games, to the history of US-Haiti reIations. He often called on to speak on radio and television regarding race, pop culture, politics, and history. As it turns out, there really is a niche for gaming nerds who read books on history and critical race theory in bed.

Recently, Andray was on our show talking about How Do Canadians Feel About Immigration?.

Please click here to read Andray’s article The rise of an uncaring Canada.

During our conversation, Andray talked about:

– Some of his background and why he writes
– That the media and politicians do a bad job of explaining the value of immigration to Canadians
– Some of his thoughts on a recent Canadian poll that shows that many Canadians feel that there are too many visible minorities immigrating into Canada (click here to view the poll)
– Why he feels that immigration is necessary for Canada and its labor force and social services
– The media not framing the immigration situation properly
– The influence that the United States have on this issue
– The lack of Canadian government experience when it comes to immigration
– The impact will the immigration issue have on the upcoming Canadian national election

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