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Diversity Votes aims to fill the gaps in understanding between Canada’s diverse communities, the media they listen to, read and watch, and how that can affect how they will cast their ballot in the upcoming federal election.

Canadians will be able to see demographic data at the riding level, focusing on majority-minority ridings. At the same time, news stories from these multicultural communities will discuss relevant issues about their communities and the federal election.

Combining demographic and socio-economic statistics from Canada’s majority-minority ridings, and an on-the-ground look at the ethnic media they engage with opens a door to appreciating the role of cross-cultural communication in politics. In 41 of Canada’s federal ridings visible minorities are the majority. In 93 more, they make up more than 20 percent of the voters. These are powerful communities who look and listen for their own voices in the media.

The Diversity Votes web site:

Educates – Provides an in-depth understanding of riding demographic, economic, social and political characteristics, and how these interact with electoral strategies.

Discusses – Creates wider awareness of how national and local issues are portrayed in community and regional ethnic media to increase accountability of ethnic-oriented media strategies.

Connects – Allows for more informed discussion regarding diverse Canadians’ voting patterns and issues and brings diverse voices into the national discourse.

Holds Accountable – Provides greater accountability for the messages that candidates and political parties are sending to different groups.

Andrew Griffith

Recently, Andrew Griffith of Diversity Votes was on our show.

Andrew Griffith, author and immigration expert and MIREMS Ltd. – Multicultural International Research and Ethnic Media Services – bring decades of experience in Canada’s multicultural spheres. Together, they illustrate the power and potential diverse Canadian voters have, with information that has traditionally been hidden behind linguistic and bureaucratic barriers.

During our conversation, Mr. Griffith talked about:

– How did he get involved in studying multiculturalism in Canada
– The story behind Diversity Votes
– The percent of Canada’s population that identify themselves of visible minorities
– Populism, Canada’s federal parties thoughts on it and Canadians thoughts on it
– The impact of the number of visible minority majority ridings in the upcoming federal election
– Canadians thoughts about immigration
– Ethnic groups in Canada not being party loyal
– Ethnic media coverage on the federal election so far and the important issues for ethnic groups in the election campaign
– The religious dress code issue and Quebec
– The role of the ethnic media in the upcoming federal election
– Some of the objectives of Diversity Votes
– What isn’t being covered by the ethnic media (eg. the situation in Hong Kong)
– Ethnic groups voting patterns
– What would he like Diversity Vote to achieve

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