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Leisa Washington is the first Canadian female WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) agent. This accomplishment is a monumental notch in the ‘legacy-in-progress’ of a woman who understands the importance of building and nurturing relationships, as well as fostering opportunities and growth for those who need it.

Those who know and work with Leisa say that she is a woman of integrity who has a lot of compassion for people – especially kids and youth. In the last few years, Leisa has managed to transform her benevolent nature into founding Camda Sports Foundation Canada –– an organization dedicated to funding underprivileged children and their families in recreational sports, while also providing financial assistance so they can have the same opportunities and access to Education, Arts and Music programs that other kids/youth in mid to high income families and neighborhoods have. Leisa is very passionate about the principal mandates of Camda – Sports, Education, and Arts & Music (S.E.A.M).

Leisa was recently honored by NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Media & Entertainment). The Toronto charter of NABFEME hosted an event to honor her
accomplishment as Canada’s first female WNBA Agent. The event, She’s Got Game, featured a sit-down interview with Leisa about her inspirations, motivations, challenges and successes. During the interview, Leisa shed light on some of the projects she has in store including her first memoir which she is currently writing. In yet another addition to all her accomplishments, on January 23rd, 2014, Leisa became an NBA Agent.

She is also the Manager, Member Services at the new state-of-the-art Abilities Centre in Whitby, Ontario where she manages the customer service and sales department. She works with the Abilities Centre to enrich the quality of life for individuals of all ages and abilities through an inclusive environment.

Leisa was also Ontario Liberal Candidate, Whitby (2018) and launched her sports agency, the MPP Sports Group in August 2018.

Recently, Ms. Washington was on our show. During our conversation, she talked about:

– Some of her background including growing up in Toronto Community Housing (subsidized housing)
– How her mother’s taught her sacrifice and forgiveness
– “You gotta suffer to prosper.”
– How did she handle having children at a young age
– Her great children and what she took from her childhood to raise her children
– What is her biggest fear for her children?
– Her love of track and field when she was growing up
– How did the Camda Sport Foundation start
– Some of her daughter’s great accomplishments
– How she has married sports and getting a quality education for her children
– The story of her becoming a sports agent
– The importance are research, process and being disruptive are to her success
– Her experience in the world of politics (even though she lost win she won)
– The story behind MPP Sports Group and the plans to start a female run Black credit union
– How she has achieved a lot with a lot of formal education
– “My life experience is a PhD.”
– Her current view of American politics and its influence on Canadian politics and society
– Her vision of her future

You can contact Leisa via:

MPP Sports Group – Twitter
MPP Sports Group – Instagram 
Camda Sports Foundation
Camda Sports Foundation – Instagram
Camda Sports Foundation – Twitter

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