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Cameron Fields is a sophomore journalism major at Ohio University and I am a student in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. He writes about the football, women’s basketball and track and field teams at The POST, Ohio University’s campus newspaper. He has wanted to pursue sports journalism since he was in the seventh grade. Cameron started blogging about the NBA in high school, and since coming to Ohio, he has continued to grow as a writer.

Recently, Mr. Brown was on our show talking about his article, Football: Black players aren’t worried about lack of diversity, just football.

During our conversation, Mr. Brown talked about:

– Some of his background, some of the sports he loved in school and where did his love of writing come from
– What prompted him to write the article
– His experience writing the article and the response to it
– The fact that there are still so many barriers that Blacks have to break in football
– How this article made him a better writer
– What message did he want the readers to get out of this article

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