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Cleve DeSouza is a leading mortgage professional in affiliation with Matrix Mortgage Global (Lic#11108) and a seasoned real estate investor with over 10 years experience. He has assessed over 200 deals totalling in excess of 25 million dollars. He has a proven track record of ingeniously structuring single-family, multi-family, student homes and commercial assets. Owing to his engineering and dynamic project management background, he has consistently applied critical thinking and creativity to bring each deal to success in a timely and efficient manner.

Recently, Mr. DeSouza was on our show talking about his article Rent To Own May Be The Way To Go .

During our conversation, Mr. DeSouza talked about:

– Some of his background
– What got him into engineering and what made him switch into real estate and mortgages
– why did he write the article and an example of how he helped a client
– The average person’s knowledge of mortgages and the advantage of using his service
– How has the mortgage and real estate market changed during his involvement with this industry
– What is going on in the marketplace right now and how has his clientele changed over the last ten years
– His thoughts on recent action’s by the Ontario government to help the housing market and some suggestions on what the Ontario government should do when it comes to real estate
– Some tips when it comes to mortgages

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Phone: (647) 476-2918
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