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In observance of Black Mental Health Awareness Month, G.R.I.O.T. are continuing their series of symposiums, Tackling the Taboo. In this series, we touch on issues that often go ignored within the Black community (especially issues related to Black males). These events are meant to raise awareness and help the community and the members of it.

In this installment, G.R.I.O.T. will be discussing Black Mental Health issues facing our Black Male Community. This event is being moderated by Dr. Richard Hanzy, who will be joined by several black male thought leaders such as Dr. Lamont Francies, former SF Police Captain Cornelius Johnson, and Author LeRon BartonG.R.I.O.T. hope that you will join them as they have an open discussion regarding issues that are often taboo. Also, please help them by building awareness through sharing of this event with others.

Dr. Lawrence A. Rasheed was on our show talking about Tackling the Taboo 2 – Black Male Mental Health Issues.

During our conversation, Dr. Rasheed talked about:

– Some of his life growing up
– the story behind G.R.I.O.T. 
– Highlights of the previous event which was about Black men who have been molested
– Why is he doing this event about Black men and mental health

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Tackling the Taboo 2 – Black Male Mental Health Issues:
Sat, July 15, 2017
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT
Delta Bay Church of Christ
913 Sunset Drive
Antioch, CA 94509
United States

G.R.I.O.T. is a non-profit mentorship organization for young black males.

G.R.I.O.T. Mentoring Group strives to educate and empower our young men to:

Take advice and instruction
Make good decisions
Contribute positively in their community
Assist and support one another
Make healthy choices and take chances
For more information and questions about our organization, contact Lawrence Rasheed, Founder at (925) 726- 6162 or Email

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