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Dr. Vibe and Dr. Steven Lake discuss Are You Love-Able?

Dr. Steven Lake has been studying human dynamics and relationships between the sexes for over 30 years, first, as an actor and director for the stage, and then as a psychotherapist.

He has a Master’s degree in counselling and a PhD in Educational Administration. Steven worked for Corrections Canada in a maximum security prison hospital and currently teaches graduate courses in psychology at Adler University, works for the BC Society of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and has a private practice.

Steven has been writing for the Good Men Project the last three years and is the editor for the Marriage and Commitment section.

He is the author of Talk2me: How to Communicate with Women and The Sex Formula How to Calculate Sexual Compatibility.

Dr. Lake was recently was on our show talking about Are You Love-Able?.

During our conversation, Dr. Lake talked about:

– Some of his growing up including some of the challenges
– His experience being an actor and theatre and how he switched into the world of psychology/therapy/counselling
– How men like to have sex and they become intimate women like to have intimacy then have sex – why hasn’t this changed
– That more men are able to communicate their emotions but communication is still an issue (he is seeing the same things over twenty years)
– Where men and women getting their lessons in love from
– How men have not been taught how to handle the transition in relationship (for older men the change in roles is difficult)
– That both men and women need to be more flexible
– Being a man more than ever
– women have to adjust to be love-able since they are very confused
– “Friends with benefits” is a good idea but many people get hurt
– That some men have given up on women
– That many young people working on themselves not relationships
– What have his clients taught him
– How can you become more loveable

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