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Toronto’s Bay street has never looked better. Former Ralph Lauren and Harry Rosen stylist Earl Rich, has launched his own image consulting agency, catered to Bay Street’s male executives.

“I came to appreciate style from a very early age. Getting dressed for church on Sundays and other occasions, I became known for great style,” says Earl Rich, founder of Earl Rich Style. “I have a talent for understanding who you are and what message you wish to communicate to the world, then translating that through clothing.”

Rich’s extensive experience in dressing men for business during his time with Ralph Lauren and luxury retailer Harry Rosen, has shaped much of his style savvy. While his one-on-one executive styling work is very much a private affair, he’s in high demand with clients including some of Toronto’s premier executives from the legal, finance and technology sectors.

“I wish I had found Earl sooner than I did. Earl is very easy to work with and has a great eye for detail,” says Michael, a Toronto lawyer. “He gently encourages me to make the necessary changes that make an impact and I enjoy shopping experiences with him. I thought I dressed well before, but he has elevated my overall style and how I present myself.”

Rich intuits his clients’ personal style brand—from fit to form —nearly at a glance. “The way you dress is your visual business card. I’ve seen how great style can impact the professional and social areas of your life,” says Rich. “When your style is deliberate and well thought-out, you not only have a competitive edge, but you look the way you want to be perceived by the world.”

During our converastion, Earl talked about:

– Some of his background growing up in the United Kingdom including him recognizing the power of clothing at a young age, going to church and recognizing the “power of clothing”
– What brought him from the United Kingdom to Toronto
– How did he start working men’s retail clothing and how he got hired by Harry Rosen (Canadian luxury men’s wear store)
– The importance of fit, fabric, function, form
– “Clothing is like a costume.”
– His experience of having people who looked like him did not buy from him
– What he learned during his time at Harry Rosen and why did he decide to leave Harry Rosen and starting on his own
– How does he get clients
– “What message do you wish to communicate to the world?”
– The key in finding a garment that fits
– Some changes in men’s executive fashion
– The demographics of his client base and what is he doing to expand his client base
– He is not fashion, he is in style
– The research that he does about men’s executive clothing
– The benefits of a man hiring an executive style consultant like himself
– Some style tips including what makes a good tailor
– A concern that he has about the men’s retail fashion industry
– When should a man go through a clothing purge

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