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Organizations hire Galen Bingham to help their frontline leaders maximize results by eliciting greatness from their team. Inspiring transformational leadership and personal excellence has been Galen’s passion for over 30 years.

• After earning a BS degree in Business Administration from Southern Nazarene University and a MBA degree from Rice University, Galen went on to win awards for leading in some of the most recognized brands in the world like Imperial Sugar, Kraft Foods and The Coca-Cola Company.

• Galen is a member of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Federation and Hundred Life Design Coaching Network. He is also a Technology of Participation facilitator and strategic planner. Collaboration strategies from Galen’s leadership retreats and keynotes are leveraged by more than 875 corporate executives, CEOs and non-profit leaders across the United States, Canada, Mexico and England.

• Galen has authored two books feature as part of the C-Suite Book Club:

1. IMPACT: A Leadership Fable – Your Power to Make a Lasting Difference
2. IMPACT: A Leadership Fable Companion – 200 Powerful Leadership and Personal Excellence Quotes

You can purchase these books here

• Galen believes everyone is designed to be the greatest in the world at something. Our life’s mission is to find our “thing” and help others find their’s.

Recently, Galen was on our show talking about Nine Steps To Become The Greatest In The World.

During the conversation, Galen talked about:

– What has he been up to lately including organizing a leadership retreat
– How did the Nine Steps To Become The Greatest In The World come into being and sharing each one of the steps
– The difference between criticism and feedback
– Not being average in what you do, not limiting your potential and how fear will seduce you when you are trying to be great

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