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Michelle Mras is an accomplished Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Success Coach and Author of Eat, Drink & Be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived, available online through Amazon/ Barnes and Noble. She captures the attention of audiences with her vivacity, personal anecdotes and genuine love of serving others.

Her coaching clients are guided to find their own strengths by discovering their “Why?” – saving time, resources and increasing productivity both personally and professionally. Most importantly, they learn the power to overcome obstacles by redirecting their perspective.

Her experience and education as a Political Campaign Manager, a Quality Systems Analyst and Marketing Manager coupled with her unique view of the world and her John Maxwell Team certification, help create the synergy and flow that are integral to achieving success and personal growth.

She is a member of the 1 Mile High Speakers in Colorado, a Distinguished International Toastmaster, alumni of TEDx Colorado Springs and shared several inspirational stories on The Story Project of Southern Colorado and Peterson AFB Storytellers.

Michelle was on our show recently. During our conversation, Michelle talked about:

– Some of her background including life growing up as a military child and military wife
– What see learned growing up in a large family including how her parents met
– How did her family get from the Philippine’s to America twice and the cultural shock that she had
– How did her and her husband met and how did he propose to her
– Life in Omaha, Nebraska and Tachoma, Washington and her life being apart from her husband for a year
– Where did her love of knowledge come from
– How being a member of Toastmasters has helped her personally and professionally and how the John Maxwell certification has helped her
– The story behind the book and her TEDx talk
– Some advice for anyone who would like to be a public speaker
– How she has left a legacy with her daughters
– Her passion to help children

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