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Lover of words, flowers, and anything sweet, Tamara Grant has a passion for writing. She spent several years ghostwriting romance novels and short stories and is currently back to publishing under her own name. Obsessed with Love and Hallmark Movies, lattes, and red lipstick, Tamara writes from a feminine perspective on Love, relationships, and life. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Tamara spent twelve years working as a licensed clinical social worker in Atlanta and currently works as an Intuitive Life Coach helping women discover their Divine Feminine.

A mother of two; a thirteen year old son and a six year old daughter, Tamara is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan who also loves watching boxing, MMA, and football.

Ms. Grant was live on our show talking about his article How The Divine Feminine Will Bring Back The Black Family.

During our conversation, Ms. Grant talked about:

– Some of her background including life growing up in Baltimore leaving Baltimore to go to Atlanta
– How did she into the area of social work and why she left it after many years
– the difference between for her between social work and coaching (what she is doing now)
– The story behind the article
– Some concerns that she has about some Black women
– The difference between aggressive and assertive and the importance for Black women in understanding this
– Her reaction to women who feel that men are not necessary in their lives
– Her thoughts on why there is a disconnect between Black men and Black women
– Why she feels that Black women are the key to restoring many Black families
– What does “divine feminine” look like
– The need to switch back to some traditional values
– The difference between sexual vs. sensual
– Her message for Black men
– Love, Light, Lucid (Facebook)

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