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The C.A.L.L. is a collaborative effort between Dr. Towanna Freeman and 17 male co-authors who worked to create the ground-breaking anthology. Each of the individuals who contributed to the book had a story to tell that was relevant to an entire generation of young Black men. The contributors’ life stories inspire, motivate and connect with young men to empower, create new opportunities and give them hope.

In its February 2016 pre-launch, The C.A.L.L. soared to the #1 spot in three different categories- Cultural Heritage, Inner Child and Leadership.

With the previous and current spate of events involving the victimization of young black men, The C.A.L.L is a very timely resource. Young men, especially those on the threshold of subscribing to the negative stereotypes created by society, are invited to answer The C.A.L.L and step up to their inherent greatness. The one message that Freeman hopes the readers grasp is that they are important and can make a difference.

Recently, we had four co-authors appeared on the show. They were: Dr. Nicholas Dillon, Kevin Johnson, Dr. William L. Howard and Claude McFarlane.

The gentlemen discussed:

– How did they get involved with The C.A.L.L.
– Where they hesitant to share their story and their contribution to the book
– The feeling when they finished their contribution and is there something that they have found out something about themselves that they did not know
– How can young men of color relate to their stories
– Some of the challenges for today’s young men of color
– Their thoughts on the future of young men of color in America
– The impact that The C.A.L.L. has had on them and the impact that they would like to have

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