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The Toronto Creative Entrepreneurs are a group of small business owners doing business in the city of Toronto within a creative industry. The group was formed to provide support to entrepreneurs in the creative community. The group helps individuals in all stages of their entrepreneurial journey by creating networking opportunities with expert speakers and organizations as well as opportunities for business owners to generate revenue and enhance their skill set. Our most popular event to date is the public shopping event, The MRKT.

The Spring MRKT Show will be held April 15-16, 2017 inside the newly renovated Holiday Inn Yorkdale. The MRKT features up to 50 vendors including fashion, beauty, art, handmade goods, home décor, food merchants, live entertainment, on stage demonstrations, and much more.

The group was founded in spring 2016 by Telisha Ng, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with a passion for connecting others and organizing social events. The group is supported by two other entrepreneurs, Renee Cameron (Linky Cupcakes & Renee Alicia Co) and Lionel Holder (Tdot Pics) who bring a wealth of experience in administrative support and new media.

The Toronto Creative Entrepreneurs is passionate about creating a support network where entrepreneurs can connect, strengthen their personal networks, and learn new ways to make a living.

Telisha Ng, Renne Cameron and Cam Holder were live on our show to talk about The Spring MRKT Show which will be held April 15-16, 2017 in Toronto.

During our conversation, they talked about:

– Some of their backgrounds including why and how the Toronto Creative Entreprenerus (TCE) started and how they all met
– Memories of the first TCE event
– The story behind The MRKT and memories of the first MRKT event
– What to look forward to at the Spring MRKT event
– Common challenges that they are hearing from entrepreneurs
– What services that TCE provides and what they see as the future for TCE

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