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Venchele Saint Dic is the author of Journey to Redemption and Faith in the Amazon Best-selling book Passport to Self-Discovery Volume 2. She is the Founder of MESFAMI Care Inc. She has demonstrated leadership and innovation in public health, health equity, communications, public outreach, social inclusion and diversity, among many others.

Venchele is an experienced writer, editor and native French speaker with cognate education in Public Health. Her focus is to improve accessibility to health services while supporting education, economic empowerment and counseling as critical building blocks which empower families to survive and thrive through life changing events. MESFAMI Care Inc. facilitates community institutions by voluntarily supporting families with the knowledge, skills and services required to survive in changing social, and economic environments.

Her past writing stories have been included on The Good Men ProjectThe National Medical AssociationHarness MagazineYMK The Creative GuruBlack NewsThe Minority Business Finance ScoopThe Above Ground RailroadBlackOwnedandOperatedGreater Diversity NewsSoutheast Queens ScoopBlackNewsZoneThe Peace Corps Press ReleaseDMV DailyBlackStateThrive GlobalGratitude CircleMediumLinkedIn, and the newsletter of Peace Corps SenegalSimmons College and Friends of the Library Montgomery County. Additional information on the nature of her work can be found on her Author profile at here.

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Reginald A. Howard is a mental health advocate, author, speaker, podcaster and coach. He uses his life experiences to ignite, inspire and empower others. Rather it’s through his paradigm shifting book, his emotionally connecting speeches, his therapeutic podcast or his mentally clarifying coaching, Reg is here to serve and help people live their legendary life. His platforms are dedicated to hearing, helping and healing others.

Mr. Howard is the host of the Black Mental Health Podcast – Apple Podcasts.

Black Mental Health Podcast – Apple Podcasts

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Black Mental Health Podcast – Apple Podcasts
Black Mental Health Podcast – Spotify
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Ms. Saint Dic and Mr. Howard were live on our show talking about Black Men And Mental Health – Causes And Effects.

During the conversation, they talked about:

– Some of their backgrounds
– “Mental health is an equal opportunity employer.” Venchele
– “When a man can’t take care of his child, he goes to jail. When a woman can’t take care of her child, she gets government assistance.” Reginald
– Some of the causes of Black men’s mental health challenges (colonialism, slavery, distrust of the health care system, lack of safe spaces for black men express themselves, lack of opportunities)
– The need for Black men and women for a space for consensus
– The lack of Black mental health practitioners, Black male practitioner and cultural sensitivity when helping Black men who have mental health challenges
– Racism and its impact on this issue
– What does the Black community needs to do
– “Mental health does not have a specific face attached to it.” Venchele

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