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Vernon Lindsay is a consultant, writer, and, practitioner of the African Brazilian martial art called capoeira, capoeirista.

He is a passionate, creative, and experienced individual who wants to help your organization achieve maximum results in diversity and inclusion, personal development, and well-being.

Mr. Lindsay is a business and educational consultant, writer, and capoeirista. He provides workshops that analyze and offer tangible solutions concerning diversity and inclusion, personal development, and well-being. This work derives from his experiences as a college professor, business owner, husband, and father.

Mr. Lindsay was live our show talking about his article When Pretty Boys Become Men.

During our conversation, Mr. Lindsay talked about:

– Some of his background including growing up in Chicago including growing up as the only boy with five sisters and some of the conflicts growing up as a man
– The relationship between his father (who is a minister) and him
– The background behind the article
– The challenges that he faced with masculinity growing up compared to the challenges that Black boys face today
– How has his family’s move to Mexico impacted the raising his sons
– His message for Black men
– What he wants to make sure that his sons know
– What message would he would like Black women and Black men to get from the article

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