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Veronica Stephen is a resident of Ward 19 (Toronto) and a lifelong East-ender who is connected to the community. Beaches-East York is where she spent many seasons committed to my health and love for athletics, and is home to her childhood congregation where she presently volunteers in the nourishment community kitchen and food bank. It is also where she supports local businesses and enjoy indulging in culinary experiences at some of the best restaurants in the City.

Ms. Stephen has spent over 10 years working for the City of Toronto, with experience in Parks, Forestry and Recreation; Court Services; and Employment and Social Services divisions. I have not only done so with the intended purpose to learn, but with my eyes and ears open, and an extended hand and a welcoming smile.

Ms. Stephen is running for City Council to ensure that the needs of the community are served, to provide the resources to keep residents safe, create change and to improve the overall livability of our community.

Recently, we had Ms. Stephen on our show.

During our conversation, Ms. Stephen talked about:

– Some of her background including being born and raised in Toronto, being a triplet and one of five kids, her love of athletics
– Her mother’s influence on her while she was growing up
– Her experience in the human resources field
– Some of her experiences from working with the city of Toronto for ten years
– When and why did she decide to run in this year’s Toronto municipal elections
– The demographics of the ward she is running in
– How has she handled the campaign changing dynamics
– Her thoughts about the key concerns for her ward
– What are constituents telling her
– If she is elected, what would she action on first
– Some of her concerns about Toronto
– A special moment during her campaign
– One thing she has learned along the campaign trail

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