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“I think that love can saturate your soul, cure the common cold and restore balance when everything around you is falling apart.” Yanni Brown

Yanni Brown is an author blogger, relationship educator, speaker, and a lover of love. As far back as she can remember, Yanni has always been a passionate observer of relationships, intrigued with the dynamics of what works for some and didn’t for others. Her signature offers include “What every bride should know before saying “I DO”, The Touch of Love workshops for couples, and Making Love Better TwoGether, a series of marriage and relationship education workshops designed to assist couples and they navigate through the challenges that accompany love, intimacy, relationships, marriage, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Yanni Brown Making Love Better TwoGether brand was birthed from an unsuccessful marriage and learning from past relationships that enlightened her on how to infuse education, research, love, passion and purpose to create better relationships. Yanni’s writings on love, life and pursuit of happiness have been featured in Essence, Rolling Out, the Six Brown Chicks blog, and Black and Married With Kids. Best known for her appearance on OWN “Iyanla: Fix My Life, Season 1 (Fix My Backstabbing Friends)”. Yanni is a member of the BOSS Network, NARME (National Assoication of Relationship and Marriage Education) an Honorary Color Girl for the She’s In Color campaign, a member of the Boss Network and a former Chief Chick of the Six Brown Chicks. She has been heard regularly on The Doug Banks Radio Show.

Recently, Ms. Brown was on our show talking about Pepper Miller’s article, Where’s the “Black Love”​ in Advertising?.

During our conversation, Ms. Brown talked about:

– Some of her background and growing up in a special family
– How to found interest in the area of relationships
– Why she went back to college as an adult
– How she took her experience working in advertising and used it in relationship education
– The current landscape when it comes to Black love and advertising and why we are not seeing Black love in advertising and why
– What can African American do to change the current state of Black love
– What are African American millennials saying about Black love
– African American women’s portrayal in advertising/media when it comes to Black love

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