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Richard Stewart is actor based in Toronto. He was the star of the recent hit play, "I Marcus Garvey" that just finished a highly successful run in Toronto. Six years ago, Richard founded an organization called the "Lion's Circle" in Toronto. The "Lions Circle" is a brotherhood of men, connected through Afrikan ancestry. ; We are committed to supporting each other to pursue, discover, and fulfill our greatest potential. In doing so, we make a difference in the world, for ourselves, our families, our communities and beyond. Richard shares his thoughts on "BLACK MEN: WHERE ARE THEY AT? WHERE DO THEY NEED TO GO? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET THERE?" For more information on Richard, please click on the following links: (Richard's site) (previous interview on the "Vibe and Vegas Show") For more information on the "Lion's Circle", please click on the following link: Please feel free to email us at If you live in North America, you can leave us a message at 1-866-280-9385 (toll free). Please feel free to "Like" the "The Vibe and Vegas Show" Facebook fan page at God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith, Vibe and Vegas