The Dr. Vibe Show

Winston "Stone" Ford is the owner and CEO of . The Couch Sessions is the premier online destination for alternative urban music and culture. The online magazine, created in 2005, covers emerging artists in hip-hop, R&B, electronica, house, rock, and all things in between, and has attracted tech savvy and progressive music lovers from around the world who are seeking new, underground and underheard talent. The Couch Sessions attracts visitors from over 20 countries. During our interview, Winston talks and shares about various subjects such as what is was like growing up in ; grew up in Tuskegee, Alabama (an all black town) and going to an all white high school allowed him to diversify his musical tastes, taking part in protests in college because the college radio station would not play hip hop, his stint doing political blogging, the story behind The Couch Sessions and how it can into being, the current state of music, the current state of Black men and Blacks and the future of The Couch Sessions. Oh yes, Winston tells us what is hot these days (one of the groups is from Toronto!). To touch base with The Couch Sessions ... (we like it lots!!!): Winston's email address: