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Ever since the age of 14, rapping has been the tool and the passion for Jerome "Sci-Young" Charity. Born in the Toronto neighbourhood of Rexdale, Ontario to parents Stanley Charity and Michelle Thomas, he grew up in Brampton, Ontario, with his mother, step-father and younger sister and brother. Sci was first given the name Science due to the fact that he wore glasses and used a lot of scientific terminology in his raps. Sci Young began making a name for himself as a local emcee at the age of 16, battle rapping at his high school and engaging in basement cipher's. Music is something that comes very easily for this young rapper but the business is always something he's had to learn and understand. As a former student of the Harris Institute and intern at Koch Entertainment Canada Sci Young has developed the knowledge to succeed within the music industry, while enrolled at Harris he learned the ins and outs of management and how to assist other artist's in development, as part of a school project he formed the management company CIP with two other students. As for Koch this was the hands on experience that allowed Sci to learn what kinds of marketing and promotion labels use to sell records. Sci Young's first body of work, "The Black Leather Prequel" is currently available. His follow up, "Dead Prime Prime Ministers" will be released this summer. During our interview Sci talks and shares about growing up in a challenging neighbourhood and how he overcame it, growing up with parents who were not married, his first musical performance, going to school to learn the business of music and what he learned from that experience and how he has focused on the internet at a young age to make his mark in the music industry. He also talks about how the internet changed the music industry, how his music style has changed, the current state of rap music, why he gives out product for free, details of his current mixtape and details of his next release, "Dead Prime Ministers", some of his favorite artists including The Beatles and country music, what rap music needs to get better and his message to young Black men. To find out more about Sci, go to: Sci Young YouTube Channel Link: Sci Young And Mayne Ishu - "We Got This Video" Twitter - @sysciyoung Sci Young Bandcamp Page: Official Blog: Please feel free to email us at If you live in North America, you can leave us a message at 1-866-280-9385 (toll free). Please feel free to "Like" the "The Vibe and Vegas Show" Facebook fan page at God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith, Vibe and Vegas info@blackcanadianman.comPodcast2011 Black Weblog Awards Finalist (Best International Blog and Best Podcast Series)Twitter"The Vibe and Vegas Show" Facebook Fan PageiTunes