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One of the more interesting apps that we have stumbled upon recently is "Audioboo". "Audioboo" can be described as a cross between You Tube and Twitter. It is application that is web and smartphone based. You can download it to your iPhone, Android and a high end Nokia phone. It allows you to record and share audio. After your recording is finished, you can add a photograph, a title and hash tags. You can upload your recording to an embedded player on your website or blog. You can also have your recording post automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr or Friendfeed. With Facebook, you even get a fancy player. Kate Arkless Gray is the editor at Audioboo. She was born and lives in London. Kate is a freelance and radio broadcaster who has recently done some work for the BBC. During our conversation, Kate talks various subjects including how she found out and, the increased use of Audioboo during the London riots, some stories from the London riots and the aftermath and the future of social media. To find more information about Audioboo, please go to: (Web) @audioboo (Twitter) (Email) Please feel free to visit Kate's sites at: (Kate's site at Audioboo) (Kate's blog about finding out about what options there are for getting astronauts into space, what the future holds for commercial space flight and how you night get a random girl from East London up there too.)
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Two members of The Black Daddies Club (BDC), Taisha Lewis and Chevy X, share with us why they are involved with the BDC, what their friends are saying about and some of their experiences with Black fatherhood and how the BDC has changed them. For more information of the Black Daddies Club, go to: (Web) (Facebook) @BlkDaddiesClub (Twitter) (Email)