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Lauren DeLisa Coleman emerging tech consultant and journalist. She is head of the Punch Media Group. She is a graduate of Columbia University. Lauren was born in Pennsylvania and has spent most of her life between New York and Paris. She is a graduate of Columbia University and is always willing to challenge herself and look for voids and fill voids in business, branding and strategy. Lauren worked at MTV for many years and then started her own branding and marketing business. She worked with many of the big stars of hip hop in the 1990's. In 2000, the Punch Media Group expanded to Paris and into the world of digital. She was part of the team that created European launch of Jay Z's "Roca Wear" online and offline campaign strategy and the was key in bringing the Black music genre to the annual MIDEM music conference and along with the running of the conference. Recently, Lauren has worked the TBS in the area of digital media. Lauren is now focused on analyzing the digital space and the lack of representation of minorities and women in the digital space and is very passionate about mobile technology. She would like to help whoever she can and wants to see more representation of Blacks in the mobile market. Duirng our conversation, Lauren talks about various subjects including how Blacks need to know how to speak through their dollars, why aren't more Blacks taking advantage of the mobile market and challenges tech companies, Blacks, Black men and myself to do better. Lauren can be reached via: (website) (email) @mediaempress (Twitter) (LinkedIn) Click on the follow link to read Lauren's article "What's Next In The Convergence of Black Music, Advertising and Tech?":

Dr. Elaine Spencer is the author of the book "Private Pain In Public Pews" which she brought to the stage as a play. She lives in Toronto and is married with two children. Dr. Spencer is also a professor at Toronto's York University. During our interview, Dr. Spencer discusses a number of subjects including how she started writing after attending and studying churches for a number of years, what "Private Pain In Public Pews" is about, how long it took Dr. Spencer to write the book and when she decided to take the book to the stage, how she felt the first time the play was performed, the challenge she faced casting roles, what message she would like the audience to receive, what message she would like Black men to receive and why they should come to play. Dr. Spencer closes the interview by saying how much her husband has been in helping her and her message for those attending church. "Private Pain In Public Pews" is being performed in: Ottawa, Ontario (October 15, 2011) Ajax, Ontario (October 22, 2011) Brampton, Ontario (November 5, 2011) For ticket information, please go to: or