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Karen Jewels understands the life challenges that many women face trying to keep everything together. Drawing from her own personal struggles and her interactions with other women, “So many people are fighting ” Karen says, “fighting depression, poverty, lack, loneliness, abuse…the list goes on. Through my music I want to encourage the listener that, by faith, these battles have been won. I wan’t people to know that what I do is not just about the music, but it’s my journey towards success, documented through various forms of media. Everything that I share with the world is part of that theme.”

A busy mother who is determined to be an example of success for her children. Karen is also the owner of Upright Music Republic, a group of creative visionaries that executes creative ideas, develops and launches like-minded artists and organizations. Through music, media and the arts they produce creative content that promotes positive change.

On stage and has Karen has opened for groups such as Champion and Grammy Award winner Tye Tribbett. She has performed background vocals for various Toronto artists. As an actress, Karen has also performed theatrically in musicals like Ain’t Misbehavin’, The Lion King. Her Television credits include Walt Disney’s The Music Man, Nickelodeon’s Make it POP, Beauty and the Beast and Saving Hope and The Strain.

Powered by her faith, Karen has a passion for arts and desire to uplift, inspire and impact her surroundings. With the 2008 release of her EP, Creation Groans and her 2012 full-length album The Victor Project, Karen brings listeners on her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges through God’s love and grace.

Karen Jewels is a prolific artist with a musician’s heart who, through the vein of melodious creativity, unveils to the world the reality of God. Her music projects a voice which speaks to the core of the heart. As a singer and songwriter she invites us into an exciting journey on which there exists a backdrop that ranges from head nodding Hip-Hop Soul to Alternative to rhythmic Electronic Music and Spoken Word.

Last August, before a fundraising event, Karen was on our show. During our conversation Karen talked about:

– Some of her background
– Where did her creativity come from and the getting Lion King gig
– The story behind her first album how she wrote an entire album
– Some successes during her journey
– Why she was the doing the fundraising event
– How cancer has affected her family
– Information about childhood cancer

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God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,

Dr. Vibe 

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Lloyd J. Vassell is a sales and marketing professional with more than 30+ years in the consumer goods, multi-media and high-tech industries. While working for Avon Products’ Pacific Marketing Group, Chancellor and Trefoil Broadcasting Companies, and Sun Microsystems, he excelled in growing the business, creating long-lasting relationships and penetrating non-traditional markets.

In 1997, Lloyd joined the Marketing Department of Sun Microsystems as the Sr. Manager of Corporate Branding and Global Sponsorship. Installed the policies and procedures that allowed for smoother acceptance and delivery of Corporate sponsorships. During his tenure, he worked on the sponsorships of the McLaren West Mercedes Formula One racing team, NBA, NHL, and NFL properties. His largest challenge was in developing the Sun Microsystem Par-3 Challenge, a PGA Tour event.

In 1999, Lloyd left Sun to create eSportNetwork; a digital content management company specializing in producing collegiate and amateur sports for the Internet’s broadband communities. He was savvy enough to negotiate and secure the digital rights for the Pac-10 and Big-10; developing and producing content before his larger counterparts realized the value of the content.

In 2003, Lloyd obtained his General Building and General Engineering licenses and built The Vassell Group, a certified minority-owned construction company. His firm specialized in luxury residential, commercial and public works projects.

In 2013, after suffering a serious health challenge, he decided to pursue his passion…cooking and food! He is building Vassell Foods Inc. into a leader in the Specialty Condiment segment of the Specialty food industry. He has taken his personal and family recipes, and is creating flavor profile not recently seen in the industry. Supporting his vision, Vassell Foods recently secured a contract with a branch of the military.

Lloyd is married to Lauren and they have two boys; They live in Oakland, California.

Recently, Lloyd appeared on our show. During our conversation, some of the topics Lloyd talked about were:

– Memories of growing up in a diverse neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York
– What values did his parents exhibit while he was growing up
– His experience going to university in Idaho
– The journey along his professional career
– How Arawak Foods started and the early days
– The products that Arawak Foods offers
– Some advise for entrepreneurs
– His thoughts after the American presidential election

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God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,

Dr. Vibe