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Dr. Vibe talks with Ray Collazo and Dr. Tommy J Curry about The Obama Legacy And The Future Under Trump.

Ray Collazo is a seasoned activist who is one of the foremost national experts on political activism and Latino community engagement. Collazo is currently the Political Director for a prominent national Latino Civil Rights organization.

Ray Collazo is also the host of Rays Talk Show. Rays Talk Show has become one of the recognized Podcasts for anyone interested in the Latino perspective on politics and the hottest issues impacting our communities. Collazo has been recently recognized by NPR as one of the “Top 8 Latino Podcasts” in the United States and interviewed leaders and thinkers such as Ray Suarez, Residente of Calle 13, We Grow Latina’s Rachel Matos and YouTube Sensation Jenny Lorenzo.

A Puerto Rican from North Philadelphia, he is a proud family man, married to Michelle Roman-Collazo and father to Troy and Maxwell.

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Dr. Tommy J. Curry is an an Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University. He is a Ray A. Rothrock Fellow and has commented on social matters in venues ranging from Forbes, to Sirius XM. He is the author of over 50 articles on issues of racism, anti-Black violence, and the institutionalization of Black male death. He is working on a forthcoming books on Black male vulnerability entitled the Man-Not, and the Eschatology of Kanye West. Dr. Curry is a strong advocate and thinker for the reconceptualization of Black men and boys. He is adamant that the arguments used to justify their death and incarceration by Black and white scholars alike must be challenged.

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