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Quianna Rodriguez is the Founder of Happy Work Week where she provides people and organizations with coaching solutions that creates confidence, direction, and a precise plan of action for success. As a Master Certified Coach, Certified Career Coach, and Group Coach, she is committed to provide unparalleled service and performance that demands lifelong breakthroughs.

For over 10 years she provided Technical Writing, Education & Training, and Information Technology expertise to both military and corporate agencies. Quianna continues to educate and train others by providing corporate seminars and workshops at companies such as TIAA-CREF and is currently a Professional Development Instructor at the Carolina School of Broadcasting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Recently, Ms. Rodriguez was on our show talking about Millennials And The Modern Workplace.

During our conversation, Ms. Rodriguez talked about:

– The story behind how she went full time with her business Happy Work Week
– How feels millennials are changing today’s workplace and if companies are investing in millennials
– Her thoughts about and comments on various myths about millennials and the workplace including leadership, guidance, job satisfaction
– Her call to actionscompanies, older people and millennials in regards to millennials and the modern workplace

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