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Dr. Kai Dupe is an international advocate for spiritual and digital literacy. As a technical trainer and software development engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in the information technology industry, he has dedicated his life to helping communities reach their highest potential. He is an expert in cloud computing. Kai has trained thousands of people all over the world on software development and cloud computing. He has taught classes on how to use programming languages such as C#, Delphi and ASP.NET. Dr. Dupe is concerned with technology integration in urban schools as well as the educational failures of African American males. He is an advocate for technology integration in urban schools and is dedicated to encouraging African Americans to participate in the digital society via workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements.

Recently, Dr. Dupe was on our show. During our conversation, he talked about:

– Some background about himself and his career technology which starting in May 1987
– The importance of technology, education, spirituality in his life
– who helped him in the early days
– Some of his work history including some highlights and why he not gone into management
– The importance of travel in his life
– his thoughts on spiritual technology
– His thoughts on technology integration in American urban schools
– The lack of confidence in African American communities
– How are African American educating their youth about technology
– The issue of diversity in technology companies
– The state of education of African American males
– How his message changed over the years

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