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This year, as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, would love to also celebrate Black Canadian fathers that provide the necessary emotional and financial support for their children daily.

The Father Project will showcase over 150 Black fathers from across Greater Toronto and highlight their perspective on being a dad in this modern day society.

In the profiles, each father will reflect on their relationship with their own father and how that has affected their relationship with their children.

The men selected will be drawn from various walks of life showing the diversity in ethnic background, marital status, sexuality, religious beliefs and socioeconomic standing within Canada. The Father Project want to demonstrate and celebrate inclusivity in parenting.

Two of the participants of The Father Project, Mello Ayo of The Lions Circle and RogerDundas of shared about some of their fatherhood journey.

During our conversation, they talked about:

– The story behind The Father Project
– Their reflections on how they were raised by their fathers
– How are they raising they children differently from the way their father raised them
– The biggest misconceptions and biggest concerns when it comes to black fatherhood
– Next steps for The Father Project




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