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Alexander Williams is from Lancaster, California. That should tell you a lot. Nonetheless, he also feels it’s necessary to state that he’s a Boston Celtics fan, an avid thinker, and a sap for experience. He cares about his disadvantaged Afrikan and Native American communities and worries that tomorrow could very well be his last day here on Earth. He’s a communist, an anarchist, and a pacifist. He was always the smart kid that you would tell your younger brothers about and the only guy you know with Dr. Seuss Chucks. He also raps, but then again he also writes, and then again he also acts, so he just does a lot of things.

Recently, Alexander was on our show talking about The Role Of Rap And It’s Function In Dismantling White Supremacy.

During our conversation, Alexander talked about:

– Some of his background and is legacy important to him
– His thoughts of the role of rap music and the current state of white supremacy
– Why does he feel that rap music can counteract white music
– If rap music able to combat white supremacy
– How can rap music combat white supremacy

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