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Jay Connor is a Los Angeles-based writer, consultant, and founder of the popular podcast “The Extraordinary Negroes” (which you should subscribe to post haste). His work has been featured in prestigious outlets such as The New York TimesThe RootHuffington PostSXSWVery Smart BrothasBitch MediaAFROPUNKCreators of ColorThe AMC NetworkCBS All-AccessBlack Card Revoked, and many others. Outside of his creative pursuits, Jay uses his multimedia platform to celebrate the accomplishments, opinions, and agency of marginalized groups, in addition to actively combating injustice and the destigmatization of mental illness.

Recently, Mr. Connor was on our show tonight talking about his article, Strong Black Men Are Victims Of Assault, Too.

During our conversation, Mr. Connor talked about:

– Being born in Bronx, New York then moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma when he was ten years old
– His challenges with school
– Why did he go into the military, his parents reaction and what did he learn from being into the military
– When did writing become part of his journey and his first big brake
– The story behind the Extraordinary Negroes podcast and the reason behind its success
– The story behind the article
– How does the Black community addresses the issue of Black men being sexually assaulted and the roots causes of the reaction
– “Many Black men are incurring racism, healing from racism or paranoid that racism is about occur.”
– His reaction to the phrase “Strong Black man”
– The lack of a relationship with his father
– Black men getting their strength from Black women
– The need for men to have more meaningful, to have deep communication and how can this change happen
– His calls to action for Black women, non-Blacks and Black men
– The future for Extraordinary Negroes

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