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Aisha Heywood’s early life experiences helped her become a focused results-oriented individual who is passionate about her community.The catalyst for her interest in community involvement and her political aspirations began with her mother, who introduced her to volunteerism and community building. Beginning with regular volunteer opportunities at Tropicana Community Services and the local Scarborough Boys and Girls Club, Aisha was eager to be involved with meeting the needs of others. In her teen years, Aisha was exposed to inspiring and professional women who ignited her passion to live a meaningful and successful life. Aisha’s spiritual journey has also reinforced my early interests and passion in advocating for people.

Upon moving to the City of Pickering, Ontario, Aisha was immediately compelled to be actively involved in her new place of residence. After seeing a posting for the Pickering Accessibility Advocacy Committee, Aisha joined and remained a member for over seven years. In addition, Aisha has volunteered in various committees within the Durham Children’s Aid Society and currently serve as a Director on the Board.

Aisha has her Master’s degree in Education at the University of Toronto. Over the past ten years, Aisha’s graduate studies have continued to open doors for her to support individuals with brain injury, mental health challenges, and developmental disabilities, as well as their families in hospital settings, in homes, on school boards, and in other community settings. Aisha has extensive experience providing crisis management, behaviour intervention, suicide intervention, counselling and case management.

Aisha’s employment history includes the Durham District School Board(Psychometrist), Simcoe District School Board (ABA Coordinator), Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health (Behaviour Therapist), Faculty at Centennial College and PryorLinder and Associates (Behaviour Therapist). Aisha is also the business owner of Aspyre Behaviour Consulting.

Recently, Ms. Heywood was on our show. During our conversation, she talked about:

– Being born in Toronto from parents that immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago
– Growing up in a large family and spending time being homelessness and her parents getting divorced when she was in Grade six
– Her mother getting her involved in volunteering at a young age
– The influence of her grandmother and her mother in her life
– Her educational background and including memories of her receiving her masters
– Some of the people who have helped her along the way
– her career background including starting her own business and teaching
– The need for her to focus and do one thing well
– The story of her getting involved in politics including why she decided to run for a party nomination
– Some of the work that she did to get a party nomination and what were voters telling her
– How did she and her family handle not winning the party nomination
– Why she feels that it is important to be involved in the political process whether running for office or voting
– Some special moments during the campaign
– What is her future?
– the increase number of women of color running for political office

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