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Chetachi A. Egwu is a Nigerian American professor, writer/producer, filmmaker, dancer/choreographer, artist and actor . She earned a BA in Communication from the University of Buffalo in 1996, then moved on to Howard University in Washington, DC, where she completed a Masters and Ph.D. in Mass Communication.

Dr. Egwu has served as a faculty member in the communication departments at Morgan State University, The George Washington University and Nova Southeastern University. She is currently communication faculty at the University of Maryland University College.

Her work has been featured in academic journals, newspapers and online publications such as The Grio and The Burton Wire, her creative nature reaches beyond writing. Dr. Egwu is also a dancer/choreographer and was a member of Carla and Company, Coyaba Dance Theater, Choreographers Collaboration Project in Washington DC and featured in several other projects. An avid filmmaker, she is currently co-producer and co-director for the documentaries Runway Afrique and No Justice, No Peas: Getting A Veggie In The Hood, and co-producer, director and cinematographer for the documentary Sunshine Chic. Dr. Egwu also is the host of MediaScope on the streaming platforms Periscope and Facebook Live live on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Eastern.

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Lia World Traveler (Lia Miller) is a wife and mother, professional diplomat, award-winning blogger, children’s book author, social inclusion and diversity advocate, DIY loc’d naturalista, avid reader, foodie, movie buff, sports and exercise enthusiast, passionate about the arts, news junkie, and a world traveler.

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Recently, Dr. Egrw and Ms. Miller were on our show talking about Who Are Black Women’s Friends?.

During the conversation, the ladies talked about:

– Having close girlfriends when they were growing up
– Professionally, do they have any friends other than Black women
– Some of the challenges that women of color face in the workplace
– If Black women in top positions hire other Black women
– How they are part of the same sorority
– If Black women have taken on the White women’s fight and are not addressing Black women’s challenges
– If there is any unhealthy competition between Black women in the workplace
– That many men are challenges for women in the workplace
– What needs to be done to get the correct mindset on this issue to break the cycle
– “There is a difference between knowing your ‘ish’ and being popular.” Dr. Tachi
– If Black men are afraid of feminism and the definition of Black feminism
– Their calls to action on this issue to: people who are not of color, older and younger women of color
– “If you are excellent, you have nothing to worry about.” Lia Miller

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