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Aisha K. Staggers had her first major publication, an album review, in The New Haven Register while just a sophomore in high school. Another series of reviews published in The Hartford Courant followed. By the time she reached college, Aisha was writing for the literary magazine and interning at a local radio station, ABC-affiliate as a writer in the news department and in the A&R department of an independent record company.

As a graduate student at Fisk University, Aisha asked Dr. Raymond Winbush to chair her thesis because 1) he was one of the most renowned voices in black culture and academia, and 2) he was a Prince fan. His scholarship and guidance led Aisha to an early career as a professor of social sciences and later an administrator in higher education.

Aisha has also served as a director of education and policy research centers and on the staff of legislative commissions. She previously served on the Executive Board of the CT Young Democrats’ Women’s Caucus, an avid campaigner and has remained active in politics and public policy.

During the August 22, 2018 edition of Staggers State Of Things, Ms. Staggers talked about:

– Paul Manafort, 45’s former campaign chairman, found guilty on eight charges
– Melania Trump attending a cyberbullying summit one week after Trump’s ‘dog’ tweet about Omarosa and planning her first solo international trip to Africa in October
– Representative Duncan Hunter, one of the earliest congressional supporters of 45’s presidential campaign, is indicted, accused of misusing campaign funds
– Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer and “fix-it guy” for more than a decade, pleaded guilty to eight federal crimes.
– Will America overlook everything as long as the economy stays strong?
– The continued high level of shootings in Chicago

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