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The 2018 Men’s and Women’s Summit On Masculinity is in Toronto on November 18, 2018:

– It is a one-day coed event featuring 7 stellar speakers
– Features a vendor area to meet the top Men’s Organizations in Toronto
– Allows you to learn more about yourself and how you can be the contribution to your relationships, community, and experience greater success and freedom
– Provide the opportunity to leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your community
– Connects you with a community of like-minded Men and Women who want to live better lives
– Dr. Warren Farrell is the Keynote speaker for this year’s Men’s and Women’s Summit on Masculinity. Dr. Farrell will be talking about The Boy Crisis

One of the speakers at this year’s summit is Ahalya Kethees.

Ahalya Kethees is an Executive Coach and Speaker who helps ambitious men and leaders improve their communication. With the belief that empowered men empower women, Ahalya is passionate about creating safe spaces for high-performing men to dialogue vulnerably and develop as leaders.

She’s a Forbes contributor on Leadership and is writing her first book with the working title: Lead by Listening. Ahalya contributes to Diversity and Inclusion in a few other ways, including speaking at the Tech Inclusion Conference, Women in Tech summit, and the Tamil Entrepreneurial Network for Women.

She grew up in Toronto and is living in San Francisco.

During our conversation, Ms. Kethees talked about:

– Her younger days being part an immigrant family and adjusting to Canadian life
– What values did her parents instill in her
– Why did she move from Toronto to San Francisco
– How did get into executive coaching, leadership development
– Her decision to start her own business
– How did she hear about the Summit and taste of what she is going to share about during the Summit
– Listening vs. hearing
– How does masculinity come up with her male clients and her thoughts on masculinity

You can contact Ms. Kethees via:


For more information about The 2018 Men’s and Women’s Summit on Masculinity including how to attend in person or viewing the Summit online, the VIP Event – an evening with Dr. Warren Farrell on Saturday Night November 17th (an interactive evening with Dr. Farrell and other leaders working together on addressing issues facing our sons) and who will be speaking during the Summit on Sunday, November 18th, please click here.

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