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Beth Ostrander

Beth Ostrander coaches those “affected by religion” to bring Pleasure into their sex lives.

Beth’s own journey is what has made this her life’s work. After struggling with shame, depression and general lack of satisfaction in life, Beth provides coaching using her personal journey of transformation and the tools that she found most effective with herself and her clients.

Over the years, Beth’s coaching has yielded results for individuals and couples that were held back in the bedroom. They have learned how to know themselves better and how to communicate with their partners to create increased intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom.

Beth’s coaching is beyond the bedroom. Her clients have consistently discovered increased passion in every area of their life as they have uncovered what was stopping them in their intimate lives. Consistently people gain ease, confidence and satisfaction in their intimate lives after working with Beth.

Bryan Duarte

Bryan Duarte is as an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Explorer, Storyteller and a Master Problem Solver. He grew up in a strong Catholic family and as is typical in most families, sex and sexuality were topics that were not discussed. However, from a very young age he always wanted to learn more about human sexuality even though that was not encouraged. Yet this was more than idle curiosity as he spent a lot of time, from the age of 12, researching this topic in the library.

Since that early age he has been on his own personal journey to better understand his own sexuality, especially for what that means for men’s sexuality inside of marriage. It was that deep desire to explore what was behind his own sexuality and what he first took for ‘Is there something wrong with me’ that also led him to become one of Beth’s clients. Through working with Beth and lots of his own personal development work, he no longer felt like there was
something to fix; there is nothing to feel shameful about or hide away from.

That role of coach and client eventually has evolved to Beth and Bryan finding opportunities to work together. In his engineering professional world, he is all about helping his clients solve their complex issues. And in telling the story from his own personal journey, he is now passionate about bringing those learnings and his ability to solve complex problems to help people discover their own personal sexuality.

As part of exploring this topic with other men, Bryan is an active member of the ‘The Universal Brotherhood’ (TUB). TUB is an inspired fraternal forum for evolutionary men who are actively committed to the concepts of Strength, Wisdom, Integrity, Prosperity and Compassion as foundations for exceptional, authentic, masculine be-ing.

Bryan currently lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife of 12 years and their 9-year old son and is actively involved in his two adult daughter’s lives, as they study and work.

Recently, Beth and Bryan were on on our show talking about Converting Religious Shame to Soulful Intimacy – A Three Part Series – Part One.

During the conversation, Beth and Bryan talked about:

– Some of their backgrounds and some of their experiences with sexuality, religion and intimacy when they were younger
– How the way they were raised effect their intimacy in their 20’s and their 30’s
– How did they met
– The percentage of Beth’s clients that have experienced religious shame and what her clients tell her when she first meets
– The reason why they wanted to do this series
– What are they sharing with their kids about intimacy

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