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Nova Browning Rutherford lectures on the importance of mental health, social and emotional intelligence in the academic, public and private sectors from coast to coast. Fans of the internationally syndicated talk show, CTV’s “The Social”, will recognize Nova as their trusted life coach and wellness expert for the past 3 seasons.

Her career focus is Personal Development in the areas of mindfulness integration, understanding secular meditation, and prioritizing self-care. Prior to her wellness work, Nova worked behind the scenes in Hollywood entertainment, supporting the Marketing and PR campaigns of superstar celebrities. Nova’s roller-coaster life experience has been profiled in Outlets like Huffington PostThe Globe And MailChatelaineCBCCTV, and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Nova’s mission is to shift the stigma surrounding mental health in Canada, by facilitating organic, face-to-face dialogue, where people feel safe, heard and seen.

Recently, Nova was on our show talking about Understanding The Difference Between Family And Chosen Family.

During the conversation, Nova talked about:

– Some of her background and including having a family background with ancestors that were part of the Underground Railroad, a background in music and how she got into facilitating about wellness, mental health and workplace wellness
– Why hurting people hurt people
– How her parents different backgrounds define who she is professionally and personally
– How she got on The Social (number one daytime program on CTV in Canada)
– Why she wanted to discuss the conversation topic
– The definition of chosen family and when people look for a chosen family
– The importance of social connection in the modern age
– How to bring up mental health in a day to day conversation
– Do men have better relationships with their family or their chosen family
– Three tips for dealing with difficult families or difficult family members

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