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Who are you really? What do you really want out of life? What are your biggest dreams? These are a few questions Danny Stone asks his coaching clients and audiences. He is an Author, Success Coach, Teacher, and Community Servant that has dedicated his life to helping people see possibilities and take massive action. His book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive has garnered readers from 7 countries thus far. As a seasoned facilitator, he delivers engaging Personal Development seminars on finding your true purpose, success, and being the driver of your life.

Danny is a former College Instructor, Certified Life Coach and holds a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management. With a background as a seasoned Learning and Development Manager, he has worked at major organizations to implement employee management strategies and programs.

Currently, he is working as an Advisor and Community Leader with Zero Gun Violence Movement, a community organization dedicated to ending gun violence in the Greater Toronto Area. His passion is mentoring youth and adults who are seeking more happiness, success and fulfillment.

Danny’s mission is to teach people how to create more freedom and abundance in their lives.

Recently, Danny was on our show talking about Passenger Seat To The Driver Seat – How To Go From Stuck To Start To Moving Forward.

During the conversation, Danny talked about:

– Some of his background and the sometimes challenging times growing up in Nova Scotia, what made his grandmother so special and the moment he decided to change his life
– His early days of helping and mentoring young people
– Some of work experiences in the corporate world and why and when did he decide to leave
– Why he wanted to talk about this subject
– Are his clients still being stuck about the same things, his client base and what is keeping them in the passenger seat and suggestions he gives his clients on how to get out of the passenger seat
– The importance of a morning ritual
– Meaning, meditation, mantra
– How has his coaching helped him
– Being selfish vs. investing in yourself
– How many people don’t have hope, dreams
– Some suggestions on how people can get unstuck

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