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Keturah Kendrick

Host of the groundbreaking podcast, Unchained. Unbothered.Keturah Kendrick fancies herself the Ambassador of Freedom for the 21st century woman. She sees it as her mission to convince women across the globe that they are enough for themselves. In addition to featuring globally-minded women who choose non-traditional paths on her show, she has written about the triumphs and challenges of living out loud while female on her own blog, Yet Another Single Gal, and for numerous publications such as Single Girls RockNon ParentsThe Unfit Christian and The Not Mom. She regularly writes for and her first book, No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone, will be published in June.

Recently, Ms. Kendrick was on our show talking about The Importance Of Listening To Your Voice.

During the conversation, Ms. Kendrick talked about:

– Some of her background including growing up in New Orleans and living in New York
– The values her parents instilled in her while she was growing up that she carries with her today
– How she got involved with writing and literature
– The origin of her first name
– The voice that told her to go to from New York to Africa and her memories of Africa
– The voice that told her to move from Africa to China and how she is enjoying China
– The voice that has told her to move from China and go back to New York
– Her thoughts when it comes to listening to her voice

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Unchained. Unbothered. – Podcast
Yet Another Single Gal

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Serena Wills

Serena Wills is a native New Yorker and currently resides in the Washington, DC area. She holds a BA in Policy Studies from Syracuse University an MPA from Virginia Tech and studying for her MA in Health and Wellness Coaching. She’s a nonprofit guru, a published author and spoken word artist. Her previous publications include her first poetry book titled, Reconstruction, Pieces of Life, Volume 1 was released in 2014 and is available on her websiteAmazon and Barnes and Noble. She’s also published in numerous anthologies and is a contributing writer/health and wellness blogger for online magazines and websites.

Serena is a mother to her beautiful son and is an advocate for Ovarian Cancer, GYN Cancers, HIV/AIDS, Lymphoma and Lyme Disease research and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc..

Recently, Ms. Wills was on our show talking about Taking Care of Our Elders – Part Two.

– Some resources and supports for caregivers in America
– Some of the things that people don’t have in place when it comes to care giving
– The importance of having a power of attorney and life insurance
– The lack of information about being a caregiver
– Assisted living facilities and the cost of getting a loved one into one
– The importance of caregivers taking care of themselves and having a support system
– Being a caregiver and dealing with creditors

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The official launch of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) takes place on Thursday April 25th, 2019 at Metro Hall, 55 John Street at 6:00pm with guest panelists Nadia Theodore, Consul General of Canada to the Southeastern United States, Ron Busby, President/CEO of the U.S Black Chambers and Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion. “I always say that we must ‘see it to be it’ and so the importance of an ecosystem and network that will encourage and support the proliferation and success of Black-owned and Black-led businesses cannot be overstated,” says Ng.

The focus of the evening’s discussion will include:

· Breaking Down Barriers To Growth

· Supporting Black Entrepreneurship

· Investing In Black-owned Businesses

· Access to Capital & Funders

· U.S & Global Trade

The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce is committed to aiding in the growth, development and success of Black businesses across the country. “The goal of the Chamber is to be the national voice of Black Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs,” explains founder Michael Forrest, president of Forrest Management Group. “We are dedicated to building a prosperous Black Canadian community.”

More than 150 guests and dignitaries will attend the inaugural CBCC celebration – among the invited guests: Black Business Professional Association (BBPA), Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN),, The Jamaican-Canadian Association and Caribbean African Canadian Social Services.

“I’m excited about the opportunities that the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce can provide to Canadian businesses, especially as they seek to grow in the U.S. market and globally,” said Consul General Nadia Theodore. Adds U.S Black Chambers President Ron Busby, “Without a doubt, it will serve as a key resource to Black Canadian entrepreneurs.”

A 2015 survey by the BBPA Council Advisory Body of the City of Toronto found that Black businesses who participated were predominantly self-employed (48%) and 32% of them employed two to five individuals. Only 1 % employed at least 101 employees. With a population of approximately 200, 000 in the GTA who identify as Black, there is a need for an organization like the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce to assist in growth, development and networking – not only in Toronto – but across the country. Affiliate CBCC chapters will be launching in other provinces in the coming weeks.

Michael Forrest – Founder – Canadian Black Chamber Of Commerce

Recently, Michael Forrest, founder of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, was on our show.

During our conversation, Mr. Forrest talked about:

– Some of his background and some of his career including when did he decide to become an entrepreneur
– The history behind the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce
– The four C’s: Community, Culture, Centres, Commerce
– The response of other organizations when they reached out to them
– Some of the challenges that Black Canadians face when starting a business
– Some of the resources and services that the Chamber is planning to equip Black Canadians with
– The diversity on their board
– Some of the special guests attending the April 25th launch
– “Canada, the north star of the Black renaissance.”
– The Chamber’s plans to expand across Canada
– The measures of success in the next year for the organization
– That it is a great time for Black Canadians to consider entrepreneurship
– How does a well run Chamber work

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Canadian Black Chamber Of Commerce Official Launch – April 25, 2019 – Toronto, Ontario

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