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Reginald A. Howard is a mental health advocate, author, speaker, podcaster and coach. He uses his life experiences to ignite, inspire and empower others. Rather it’s through his paradigm shifting book, his emotionally connecting speeches, his therapeutic podcast or his mentally clarifying coaching, Reg is here to serve and help people live their legendary life. His platforms are dedicated to hearing, helping and healing others.

Recently, Reginald was on our show talking about the Black Mental Health Podcast.

During the conversation, Reginald talked about:

– Some of his background and some of his memories growing up in Philadelphia and Antigua
– Being an entrepreneur at a young age
– Reconnecting with his father when he had his first son
– The struggle he went through when he had his first child, not having a job, thinking about committing suicide
– Many Blacks hiding that their are depressed
– How mental health is addressed differently when dealing with Black men versus Black women
– The challenge of getting Black men on the podcast
– Black men and mental health
– The lack of attention paid to mental health by education system
– The response he gets from African American and non African American communities when he talks about mental health
– What has the podcast taught him about himself
– Keeping his mental health balanced
– Some his life changes over the last three years and his future vision
– A message for Black women, Black men and the Black environment in regards to mental health

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