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Dr. Steven Lake PhD is a speaker, coach, and master of crisis. He is a master communicator and known by many as The Relationship Guy. He is the author of talk2ME: How To Communicate With Women.

His expert communication skills keep him connected to family, friends, colleagues and most importantly his intimate partner.

He has a Doctorate in Educational Administration and a Master’s degree in Counseling. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Adler University of Professional Psychology and has worked as a psychotherapist for 20 years in Vancouver, BC.

Recently, Dr. Lake was live on our show talking about White Privilege.

During our conversation, Dr. Lake talked about:

– Why did he want to discuss white privilege and when he started think about white privilege
– American history not just about white history
– His exposure to race and racism when he was growing up
– Some of the advantages he has being white
– White fragility when it comes to white privilege
– Not talking about white privilege with his white friends
– Racism where he lives with indigenous people
– His thoughts about reparations for Black people
– White privilege being an American and Canadian issue
– Him having no idea about the history of Blacks in Canada
– How can education deal with white privilege
– Many white males not admitting that they have white privilege
– How to get conversations about white privilege
– His thoughts on the future of white privilege

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