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J. Ross Victory (Ross) is an American Marketing professional, travel and adventure enthusiast, and author of the new memoir, Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son.

Ross is a millennial. He was born in the late 1980’s in the land of low-riders, taco trucks, and celebrities—Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles–also a place known for its income disparity and increasing homeless population. As the son of public servants—a missionary father and a law enforcement mother, inspiration through exploration, community, and service come natural to him. Ross serves as an Associate Board Member for Covenant House in Hollywood and spends his free time, traveling, writing and advocating for Meals on Wheels and Shower of Hope among other local, social organizations.

He spent his early years collecting pens, notepads and interviewing himself in a tape recorder. With an acute awareness for his young age, he was eager to point out hypocrisies and character inconsistencies in children and adults through English assignments. He delighted in provoking a reaction — any reaction from his English teachers, with writing that seemed to wink and smile.

He quickly progressed into writing lyrics. Over the next several years, he began to write and submit his songs and stories to contests for professional feedback, ultimately to find his direction, style, and voice. Writing permitted Ross the space to express his pain, his joy, and deepest thoughts about the world and humanity. Editors and songwriting judges have described Ross’ writing as ‘never lacking soul’—palpably passionate with the ability to bite or soothe–but always descriptive and transparent.

He incorporated this feedback to write non-fiction and fiction projects with depth and precision—stories of captivating, complex characters expressed in all their dimensions usually on a path to self-discovery and harmony. Like great music, great characters balance simplicity and complexity. He went on to teach English abroad in South Korea, which married his love for international travel and language.

Ross received his B.S. in Business Administration & Marketing Management from Cal State L.A.

Recently, Ross was live on our show talking about The Life Lessons That Sons Learn From Their Fathers Absence And/Or Presence.

During our conversation, Ross talked about:

– Life growing up in California including having both parents employed in law enforcement and not challenging their authority
– His passion at a younger age for collecting pens and interviewing himself
– What did he learn travelling to different countries while he was younger
– How he came up with the title of the book and why did he decide to write it
– His relationship with his grandmother which was challenging at times
– The lack of being emotionally connected with his parents when he was a child
– His relationship with his parents and how has it effected him
– Not telling his father about writing the book
– The feeling of seeing his book finished
– His mother’s thoughts about the book
– Conversations with others about father son relationships
– Questions he would like to ask his dad if his dad were still alive and what would his dad think about the book
– What part of his father lives in him
– Messages for millennial men, fathers of young men when it comes to father son relationships
– “Be the father you wish you had to your son.”
– What did writing the book tell him about something that he did not know about himself

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