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Ebony Toastmasters is a Toronto based chapter of Toastmasters International, a world leader in helping people to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. Serving a diverse community, Ebony has helped its members gain self-confidence and competence for over 10 years. Ebony proves this again and again in supporting members’ professional growth, in its dedication to youth development and its continued ability to produce award-winning speakers.

Recently, we had the following members of Ebony Toastmasters on our show talking about their club: Sam Burke (co-founder), Marlon Blake (current president), Bex Williams, Adelin Brunal and Thomas Sweed.

During our conversation, the gentlemen talked about:

– Sam Burke provides some history and background on Ebony Toastmasters which started in October 2005
– Memories of the first meeting
– How did they members find out about Ebony Toastmasters and why did they get involved
– What keeps Ebony Toastmasters growing
– The members remembering their first speech at Ebony Toastmasters
– What should people expect at a meeting
– The members share a special moment and one way how Ebony Toastmasters helped them
– How does Ebony Toastmasters measure success
– Being named a President Distinguished Toastmasters Club
– Some club accomplishments

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